February 9 2013 3 a.m.

(some photos are naturally graphic so be aware) 

After have gotten up once during the night already I lay in bed half awake trying to decide whether I should get up yet again.  Her bleats were a steady rhythm, could be a mama calling for her baby, I thought to myself.  As I faded in and out of sleep I realized they were growing more intense with panic (and pain).

I decided I need to roll out of bed and go see what was up with who.  We have many first timers so I really like to try to be there in case something goes wrong, but then even seasoned mammas can have issues so …. ya I don’t go very far very long when I know I have does ready to blow!

By the time I got out & into the barn Streak was in the birthing corner with her first half out.  My god he was HUGE!  I knew she had another and no sooner than she licked his face a matter of 10 times, out slipped the other smaller kid, a doeling.

These Nigerians are quick to spit!  I am used to a 5 to 30 minute in-between, but not these girls.  It’s wham bam!

So I had to tend to the doe while she favored her first-born, buck.  That was okay I didn’t mind.  As soon as I knew he was done enough I (gently)  pushed him aside while at the same time sckootching in the doe, slick as a whistle she cleaned her up.

Guinness thought she had to get in on the action and jumped on poor Streak (like she had her mama in the pictures here) so I had to get after her.

This buck kid looks so much like his daddy.  The doe looks more like Streak only black frosted streaks.  Both are healthy (near’s I can tell) eating and moving about.

Here is a look at them & I will upload the cutest video to my Facebook page of them soon, so look for it!

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5 thoughts on “February 9 2013 3 a.m.

  1. Reblogged this on Donna L Sadd and commented:
    No Butterfly McQueen, but there’s been lots of birthin’ babies at Goats Rock Ranch! I had to re-blog; so let your fingers do the walkin’ round the pictures of new kids being born…it doesn’t get any cuter than this! Thanks Michelle. :0)

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