Sassy Crispy ? Bread & Butter Pickles

Finding a good crisp recipe for pickles can be a pickle!

Our garden had an explosion of cukes after all the rain & finally some much-needed sunshine so, time to make pickles!  I did some research on-line for bread & butter pickle recipes that stay crisp & found one here and of course tweaked it a bit to suit my own flavor.

This is what I did.

washed & hand wrung my fresh cukes, then sliced enough of them 1/4″ thick to fill 4 qts – * chunked up 3 large onions * two handfuls pimento *1 med green pepper  *approx. 6 cloves garlic smashed, skinned & coarsely chopped * and 6 small jalapeños cut in half lengthwise, deveined & deseeded * layered it all with 1/3 c coarse salt & put it in the fridge overnight. (if I had it to do over I would have left it set for 3 hours, but time constraints and things to do did not allow for that this go around, for no other reason than 3 hours seems reasonable to me)

fresh cut cukes

  • 4 c sugar
  • 3. c cider vinegar
  • 1 1/2 t. ground turmeric
  • 1 1/2 t. celery seed
  • 2 T. mustard seed

I let that set on the stove overnight. This morning I prepared my jars, lids & rings in my big ole top the stove water bath pan Grandma gave me.  Set my jars and all in the water and cranked it up to a boil.  Mean time I heated my sauce up to a near boil & added my veggies.

cukes with sauce

Let that get real hot, got out my funnel and kitchen tweezers , laid my kitchen towel out on the counter, left myself a bit of filling & capping workspace, turned off my heat to jars & lids & then everything was ready.

I filled my jars full of veggies, packing a bit but not super heavy (want to keep some air space for settlement/ head space) ladled in enough sauce to fill close to the top (again think head space), wiped my rim, fished out my lid then my ring, capped the jar and turned it upside down.  You will want to do this quickly as the jars are HOT!  I had enough to completely fill 6.5 Quarts.  I use wide mouth jars for pickle.  Easier to fill & fish your finished product out!

finished sassy BB pickles

I was planning to add a cayenne pepper to each jar, but about an hour after I’d finished dressing out the jalapeños I realized that they were hotter than I’d originally though & would be sufficient in adding some “sass” to these pickles.  I will let them set for the 24 hours & then we will see how “crisp” they are.


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