Maternity Ward

I am so proud of my girls.

For as much as they did not want to accept “outsiders” and as often as they pull rank on them & each other by butting the hell out of those they dub “less than”, they have expressed a goats true heart and have been extremely sharing, caring, loving and big-hearted with all the new 2013 mama’s & babies.

They have designated an area for a maternity ward in the barn.  It comes equipped with a birthing center, or umm should I say corner.

Now mind you it seems to only be operational at night unless there is an immediate need for the birthing center corner.  Then everyone moves aside and let’s nature happen!

The WardHalo & Hanna, Meg & kid, Cherokee & Britches, Queenie & Corduroy

“The Ward”
Halo & Hanna, Meg & kid, Cherokee & lil Britches, Queenie & Corduroy, Pebbles & Guinness

Pebbles has appointed herself keeper of the corner unless it is needed by another

(heat lamp hog is all she is)

Jaysa & her twins have their very own “suit” over on the other side of the barn.  I’ve no doubt as the herd grows they will have to share their space with other herd mammas & kids, there is plenty of room.

Of course kid games are never-ending and mama’s always seem to be the main object to play on!

The birthing corner was all a bustle at 3 a.m. this morning … more on that later


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