Sandhill Plums, Fresh Cheese, Lasagna & Swiss Chard

Yesterday was a busy one!  First we went Sandhill Plum hunting.  We didn’t get as much as I’d hoped for but enough to make a batch of jelly!

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Then I made THE BEST fresh cheese using Traci’s creamy rich raw milk!  It was easy easy easy!

DSCN4188I took 3/4 gallon raw milk with all the cream, approx 1/4 c white vinegar & 1 1/4t. sea salt.  Mixed it in a large pan and heated it on med to med/high heat just until it started to breathe & burp before boiling, running a chopstick through it now and again to mix it up a little.  I took it off the burner and let it set for 10 min.  Meantime I got a piece of clean & washed muslin from my sewing room and lined my large aluminum milk strainer with it.  I set that on top of a big stock pot.  Poured the cheese into it and let the whey drain off into the stock pot.  I squeezed it a bit near the end of draining but didn’t let it drain until “dry”.  Oh my!  Lena & I couldn’t stop nibbling it!  I let the whey cool and then poured it into a 1/2 gallon mason, refrigerated it and gave the rest to Dozer. I will make bread today from some of the whey and keep the rest for baking & cooking.  Usually I give the most of it to the pigs – they love it.

Then we mixed our cheese with  minced garlic & basil, some  fresh sweet marjoram & other spices

DSCN4208Then we made our meat sauce of grass-fed beef from my parents farm,onions from the garden, diced zucchini & other spices

DSCN4213then we layered meat sauce, noodles, meat sauce, cheese, swiss chard (YES! swiss chard) noodles meat sauce, cheese sauce , mozzarella (yep from the store)



Then we completed our menu with a fresh swiss chard, arugula, salad burnet, & french sorrel salad with julian green peppers & chunked tomatoes ALL from out garden!

DSCN4220I was sure to ask my dad several times how it was.  He told me it was really good each time, then I told him what was in it  (the greens)  lol he almost reneged on his answer but didn’t!  He knew he got tricked with good stuff!

I was happy that nearly our whole meal was comprised from ingredients from our garden/farms


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