Soaps & Spritz’s

as you all have seen I dabble a bit in soap making – well no, actually a LOT!

and because I’ve yet to really pimp it, Imma gonna toot my horn & show you my line of creamy, velvety, silky soft handmade milk soaps!  Yes, all recipe’s created by yours truly. No special bars needed for shaving! ~ they are ALL excellent for the task.  I use them on my hair and, AND I have stopped the OCM and just use my soaps on my face! I am getting the same great results that I did with the OCM and it’s cut back on an extra thing to do and all you farmers know, the less you have to do the more time you have to get things done! Some time back, during the OCM days I had tried a goat’s milk soap, made by a friend here in town, on my face and it left it tighter than I like. I have made goats milk soap myself & I am absolutely SOLD on Traci’s creamy milk for my soap making!   Huge difference and I swear my pores are smaller than ever before.  Don’t get me wrong, any milk makes a better bar of soap as it adds that extra fat, but nothing beats Traci’s.  I have a customer that is dealing with cancer/chemo and he has had great results using the un-scented custard soap, and yet another that just got a bar Saturday, so we will see how it does for him.

I do have a Lard recipe that has no milk.  It is not harsh but again leaves my skin just  a little dryer than I’d like.  Maybe it be great for a person with oiler skin?  One that doesn’t need lotion after bathing? (like I used to)

I also have created a line of body sprays.  Granny’s Shake & Spritz.  A simple & good for you recipe for the base, I use the same essential oils & fragrance oils in the spritz’s that I do in my soaps so you can take the great smell of your soap and wear it all day!

Janzen Family Farms out of Newton Kansas supplies me all my beef fat for the tallow I use in my soaps.  Dale Family Farms out of Protection, Ks provided my first batch of lard & beef fats.  Our Porky provided the fat I am using now in recipes requiring lard. ALL fat is from hormone/antibiotic free animals & yes I feel okay about that.  I am using a part of something that was treated humanly, fed well and cared for while here on this earth.  That was used for many other purposes. That was not wasted.

This is so fun to me! ~ forget you, big corporate scented bath items companies with your way to many un-natural junk & chemicals!!  I got better for you, back to basic, handmade stuff!  ***raspberries***

You can find pictures, reviews from customers, prices & all about my soaps & my thoughts behind why I do things the way I do here on our Facebook Page  this is where I find it easiest to update with any new fragrances or soap recipes that I have created. We are happy to ship anywhere in the US, well and possibly beyond. I also use this page for the latest farm happenings, new creations & garden goodies.  I some days find this easier than the process I must go through to put my items on Etsy. That is a full-time job in itself!  So give us  a”like” if you have FB & want to stay in the “know”

Ok! On to the milk soaps!

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