Lately I hadn’t spent any time browsing the other blogs I enjoy with all the goings on here at the farm – January 24th after reading a blog that I really enjoy, Outtakes on the Outskirts, I visited no one else except the links Julie had in her post on the Oil Cleansing Method , yes Oil Cleansing.

I think that normally I would have just passed it by but I remember my mother using only baby oil on her skin when I was younger and she always said “the more oil you take from your skin the more it wants to produce”  So it seemed only logical to continue to read Julie’s blog and see what this was all about. I made sure to read her blog and another that she referred to,  Simple Mom, thoroughly.

I went out the very next morning and got my supplies: Castor Oil.  I had Olive Oil in the cupboard.  The castor oil was hard to find but I ended up getting a small bottle for 4.99 at Walgreens.  Seemed a bit high-priced but I avoid Wal-Mart as much as I can and I thought for no more than I would be using, this was pretty darn cheap compared to most face washes in the store or elsewhere that are chock full of chemicals and god knows what, so I was happy with that 5.00 spent 🙂

This was also a Wednesday & Granny and I do breakfast on Wednesdays.  I spoke with her about it to get her opinion on this method because we had recently discussed her facial cleaning method that I was going to try.  I too recalled her saying that the cream she slathers on her face at night before bed is greasy and “not something that a husband would necessarily appreciate his wife wearing to bed”  but none the less she had done it for more years that she can count.  “Water has not touched this face for years only a warm wash cloth to wipe off the greasy residue in the morning”  Now you would never guess by looking at her that my granny is 91!  We discussed OCM & the benefits of cost & chemical free. She agreed it was worth a try.

Equal parts Castor & Olive Oil mixed and rubbed gentle into your dry skin.  – normal skin formula

Sounds gross right?! Well it’s not! It is in fact quite a lovely feeling!  Silky and soothing … relaxing….. okay …. so I have my oils in a little plastic tub container.  I cup my hand real tight and pour out a little round of oil into my cup 🙂  Rub my fingers into that to warm it up and proceed to my luxurious facial.  I take about 3-5 mins – It is amazing how long that seems when you are not used to taking some time to pamper yourself!  – I then wet a wash cloth with warm water and draped over my face and let that set till it cools.  Then I just wipe my face and neck off well and that is it!  My skin is soft and feels great!!   I have had no break outs, only an occasional start of a pimple that then disappears all on its own!!!  I have that reddish itchy skin problem (maybe a touch of Rosacea they say) that developed after I had children (as did my acne) and this “face wash” method has NOT bothered my skin at all.  I wouldn’t say the redness has gone away but rather the redness is lighter and  “calmed down” but I can not “feel” my skin anymore.

Now when I first did this my skin felt kinda tight and I recalled in reading the girls’ blogs that I may then have to mix differently because for dryer skin I would mix 3 T Olive Oil to 1 T Castor Oil  – but I haven’t yet.  I wanted to see if that dry feeling would continue to happen and it hasn’t.  SO thus far I am okay with the equal mix although I use this method every other day and with a warm cloth wipe my face on my off day.

If I had OILY skin I would use 3T Castor Oil to 1T Olive Oil

Now there are other oils that you can use but I haven’t tried them so I won’t list them. I don’t see why if this works for a woman’s skin that it wouldn’t for a mans but I have yet to get my husband or son to try it.  My husband suffers from some skin thing where when it gets cold out, the skin under and around any hair that he has gets real red and dry and flakes off – I think this would help but he’s a man ya know …. Now then of course after using this for a week or so I had to get my up close magnify to see every pore in your face mirror out and while not every pore is completely clear … they are not as “full” as they once were and I have no blackheads that I can find – none!

Just say NO! to all that anti aging, big words that you can’t pronounce in the ingredients  “beauty” CRAP they sell you in the stores & get back to the basics, to natural beauty …  I would LOVE to hear about your personal experiences with this method (especially a mans) so please do try and do tell 🙂

I really think this is worth everyone’s time and effort to try.  Here are the links to the posts by   Julie and Tsh for you to read.

I  also went shampoo free the same day, but that is a whole nother post – or two


5 thoughts on “OCM

  1. I tried coconut oil for this and I LOVE it. 🙂 It has a really nice consistency, doesn’t bother my eyes or skin at all, and takes makeup off like a dream. It is also a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin. 🙂 You can use castor oil on your eyelashes too…supposed to be great for hair growth! 🙂

    • never thought of coconut oil Shelley, I might try that. I haven’t noticed a difference in eyelash length using the castor oil BUT do notice that the crows feet etc around my eyes are much softer than they were before!

  2. I’m so glad it worked for you! That face wash has been a life changing thing for me – I love it that much! I really want to hear your experiences with no shampoo. That’s something I’m interested in trying.

    Check your grocery stores for Castor Oil. I bought my bottle for less than $2.

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