Sunday Lauren & Derek came to get the last of the kitties, two females.  From what mom said the names were going to be Neon & Smokeetta (they already have a boy grey kitty named Smokey 🙂

They also made this beautiful picture for me!! Kids are just the greatest!

(yes the cow is a fridge magnet)


Thank you to Tara and her kiddos for taking a kitten on Saturday!  I hope he does well and makes the kids happy!


4 kitties found homes Sunday!!  Thank you Rhonda at The Stockyard who’s precious alfalfa was being overrun with mice.

We now have 3 (THREE) kittens that need homes.  2 girls & 1 boy.

Front and center is Tom he stays. Grey kitten & Black & white kitten are girls, to the left is a tortoise-shell male.

They are ALL GREAT mousers and are no harm to chickens, dogs, other cats, peafowl and even day old baby chicks.  Oh yeah and GOATS!!  They get along great with all other animals.  They really would like to have a big ole barn or even little space of their own to hunt mice.  Maybe take two so they have a buddy to cuddle with!  They are also healthy and people friendly and would be fine additions for a household!

Thank You for taking the time to look

silly Tom - they all sleep piled on Dozer of a night to stay warm


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