What can I say except for GOATS are GREAT!!

 They are much like dogs.  Easy to care for, fun & playful, very intelligent and loving. Don’t get me wrong not all things goats are a breeze, but for the most part they are not difficult to keep. Food water & a clean warm dry place to sleep and they are happy – oh but they are VERY social animals and do get lonely without a partner. If you don’t want to hear constant bleating and have a distressed goat then a pair is a necessity.  They are great pets for kids!

You know the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” ?  Well goats will put you to that test so a good strong fence is a MUST. Hog wire & electric run along the top & bottom do fine for us.  That zap keeps them off the fence as they do like to climb.

We have Boer goats and Myotonic goats – better known as “fainting goats” but I would go with falling over goats 🙂 – both are meat goats.  Yes raised to be eaten.  The Boer is a bigger (taller) goat and seem to better known in the meat-eating world.  I tend to think that they do not have a lot of muscle unless I suppose you “breed” them to have it.  We just raise ours natural and don’t try to pump them up or alter them to be something different than nature intended. The Myotonic goat, originally bred to be the sacrificial meal for a predator in order for the more elite goats to get away safely, is a smaller (shorter)  goat but carries a lot of muscle.  As far as pet quality they are both great but I prefer the calm sweet nature of the Myotonic goat, plus they stay smaller so they are way easier to deal with when it comes to feeding time!


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