We have MOVED!

I am still trying to work out all the kinks but felt that it was time to let you all know that we have moved to a new website!

We have joined everything “about us” onto one web address.  The farm blog is there too  – The Goat Granny and more!

Unfortunately to keep up to date on posts you have to use the RSS feed thingy – until I do some more fixing & tweaking & get more figured out on how to use all this new fangled website stuff 🙂 but hey!  at least you can still keep up right? and for all the little in-betweens that don’t get blogged, you can always come give us a like over on our Facebook page, which is usually updated daily with little tidbits, photos, happenings, new things in the store, thoughts & lots of stuff 🙂

So I will no longer be posting here on the .wordpress.com & I have changed the front cover here to a static page that will guide you to my current blog post, should you forget that I have moved.  So be aware you will land on my photo but all you have to do is click it and it will take you where you need to go!



2 thoughts on “We have MOVED!

    • you are welcome! I haven’t figured out all the RSS feed stuff. wordpress.org is different from the .com for sure but I like having everything together – I think lol

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