Just wanted to update everyone, we have a NEW STORE!!
There are items in it & some sneak peeks at upcoming milk soap flavors & more being added daily. ALSO you can now shop our store from our Facebook page! So stop by , give us a LIKE and take a peek at what we’ve been working on. Don’t miss a thing, navigate our store from the lower tool bar! Hope to see you soon!

The Goat Granny

Hey now, my totes that I make from feedbags are being featured over at I Gotta Create! 

Aren’t the photos are amazing? and look at my little Logo there for the farm! Ha! I got my copy-wright paperwork in the mail just the other day. So everything is falling right into place!  

 Christina has helped increase My Store traffic, too, by creating advertisements and further developing my logo for me.  You can find out more by visiting her *here*. Maybe she could do one for you? I love mine.  It brings everything that I love to do together.
Her work takes a load off my shoulders and gives me time to focus on my farm, my kids {human and goat variety}, My Store, creating my totes, soaps and so much more.
You can purchase my totes like Christina is featuring over at I…

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