Easy Peasy Farmhouse Pork Chops

This may have been done before?  Maybe not?  But this is how I did it yesterday.

  • It’s 9 a.m. Get out your crock pot and turn it to low, add 4 THAWED pork chops (from your home raised hog or farm fresh not from the factory farm, hog chops) – cover and let cook for 3 or so hours
  • pull out that little mason of fresh ground peppercorns & with your kitchen tweezers (aka tongs) lift top chops and sprinkle bottom chops generously with pepper.  Drop chops & do the same for the top chops – hehehe
  • to that add 1 pint of last years garden fresh canned “crushed” tomatoes
  • cut up 1/2-3/4 BIG onion – cut in half & sliced, not chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, less those few babies, smashed peeled and cut in half
  • 2 large fresh peppers -1/2′d then sliced.  Lift those top chops again and arrange an even amount of onions & peppers over bottom chops & then top chops.  Let this cook until around 3 hours







  • drain juice from crock into sauce pan – turn on to med heat
  • get 1/2 qt farm fresh raw heavy cream and add approx 4-6 T flour.  Put your lid & ring back on the mason and shake it HARD!  for a bit.  Add that to your saucepan, add more ground peppercorns and whisk together, cooking and whisking enough throughout the cook, that it doesn’t stick.  In the mean time take fresh picked green beans.

unsnapped beans







bout 4 servings, wash & snap them, then snap in half. When your cream base is thick remove from heat and go pour it over your chops in the crock.  Let that cook about an hour.

cream base







Then top it with your beans

cream top w/ beans







  • Cook for another hour or so
  • In enough time that they will be done simultaneously – prepare some rice.
  • While the rice cooked I got some fresh cherry tomatoes and cut them into halves & 1/4’s, finely chopped some onion & green pepper.  I mixed that together for our salad cuz I like it (specially with cilantro! & cuz I had no greens yesterday)
  • Sprinkled all of it with some course ground sea salt & Voila!  (it needed salt)



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