Downsizing & Streamlining for Facebook Pages

If memory serves me correctly, I started this blog before I started our web page. It was a fun way to share what goes on around here and is a good outlet to jot down my thought when I have the time, which doesn’t seem to be often anymore.  The farm has grown as have the responsibilities that come with caring for it.  We have went from some goats, 2 dogs & a granddaughter to pigs, cows, another dog, pups periodically, doubled our garden, our flock has grown, started an online store, making soap, milking a cow 2 x a day, all while keeping those 3 that we started with.  May not sound like much, but it’s a lot of jobs to cover and still try to catch 8 hours sleep!

The online store (Skrap Happy on Etsy) is a monster in itself!  Talk about a time & energy vampire!  The time that it takes to list one item and the energy it zaps from you mentally, taking a ton of photos, fretting over which ones to list, cropping if necessary, coming up with a description and a sales blurb was an incredible eye opener for me.  Honestly I haven’t tended to the store what with spring/summer here and all the outside chores to be done and lordy we haven’t even begun harvest or canning season yet!  Heck I haven’t even sat down to sew I am ashamed to say.

I am spread thin so I’ve thought I need to downsize things a bit and streamline as much into one outlet as possible.  As far as Facebook pages go, there is one for the online store Skrap Happy, The Goat Granny & Goats Rock Ranch.  That is a lot to update with day-to-day activities and I find myself not getting it done.

With that said THIS BLOG, The Goat Granny, & anything I put in the store, Skrap Happy, will now automatically post on the FARM PAGE of Facebook.  I am posting this because I know many of you follow only one or the other so if you want to be in the know, go like the farm page because everything will be redirected there!

My hope is that my head won’t be left feeling like I forgot to do something …….  else … HA!


One thought on “Downsizing & Streamlining for Facebook Pages

  1. Hi Michelle, you have so much more going on than I do and I still can’t seem to keep up with posting consistently on my blog right now or even signing in to check FB. I just headed over to you Farm Page link and loved looking around. Hope you ahve a great day.

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