Goats Rock Greenhouse

It’s been a while!

I have been busy with many jobs, one of which is getting the vegetable and herb garden planted and ready.  Weeds have been terrible this year!  I feel like I spend the majority of my time weeding! Things are coming along though.

The greenhouse is not complete but Joe’s daddy is making progress.  He got 2 more boards put up and some windows for the front!  He realized the windows that we had were way to big so he had to get others.

I have set the thought of it getting done very soon aside and have just focused on landscaping & planting.   I have lots herbs this year with the intention to sell fresh little bundles.  There are many that I started from seed & will offer those as plants or maybe just harvest & sell bunches.  I’ve even thought I might mince & freeze so that there is a good winter supply for all.

Perennials and herbs, especially those harder to find, are my focus.  Once the berries get on their way we will have Blueberries, Red Raspberries & Blackberries to sell, and we have a fair supply of Sandhill Plums out back.

So many plans, so much to do & so much to wait on – let’s just look at some pretty pictures shall we?


2 thoughts on “Goats Rock Greenhouse

    • thanks Emily! It looks so different already, flowers are blooming and everything is getting fuller. I have tomatoes popping up all over the place. I can’t bring myself to pluck them from their safe little places in the ground – so I am overrun! I just transplanted a ton of basil- so much more to be done

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