Better Butter Baby

SO I have figured out that the blender method works fastest & best for me when making butter, but it was still taking some time to get through the whipped cream stage to the I’ve got butter stage.

Then my Grandma told my mom that I need to let the cream set & get to room temperature. So I tried this.  I took out my 6 quarts of cream and put them on the counter in a row of 3, two high.  We heat with wood and it’s been chilly here so I let them set overnight.

Next day I got out the blender and Joon & I set out to make some butter.

WOW what a difference room temp makes.  It took 1/2 the time to get there!  I blend a quart at a time. I got my big milk strainer out and lined it with cheese cloth, set it in a bowl and as each batch was complete I poured it into the strainer.  I did notice that the quarts that were on stacked on top the others (highest up) blended even quicker than the jars on bottom.  Conclusion: the “warmer” your cream, the faster you get butter.

I hit the butterload!   haha

I hit the butterload! haha

Of the 6 Quarts of cream I got 1 gallon of buttermilk that you can see in the background there.   I tied my cheesecloth and hung it for a while to let any excess milk drain from it.  My results …..

full shot

After creaming it and creaming & creaming, to squeeze out any extra milk. I was left with

3lbs. of fresh, creamy, yellow butter that I pkg’d into 3 tubs weighing just over 1 lb. each

butter tub

that I put into the freezer for later use

and had  a little smidge left over for my fridge

a smidge

So if you ever try your hand a making butter, think room temp!


6 thoughts on “Better Butter Baby

    • I hope it goes well for you – remember it was cold when I did mine and we heat with wood so room temp was chilly, not warm 🙂 Let me know Jerilyn!

  1. Michelle – your butter looks WONDERFUL. I have made butter – only using a small food processor. I always let my cream warm up a bit first. Your butter is a beautiful sight!

    Hope the storms didn’t hit you too hard and that you are all alright. There was a slight chance of severe storms here yesterday, but they stayed far North.

    • thanks Emily! Traci does have some awesome cream & it is very yummy too. We were fine with the storms. We have got much needed rain but Sunday the worst was on either side of us, just missed us 😦 I love spring storms. Glad you are ok! LOt’s of crazy mother nature down south of me.

  2. Using a Kitchenaid mixer (or similar) works well too. Once cream has come to temp, I put it in the bowl and turn to 3 and let it run until the butter forms. I pour off the buttermilk, put the bowl of butter in the fridge to cool then use the same bowl to wash the butter with cold water and use a wooden spoon under the tap. It’s nice to not dirty so many dishes “churning” and washing =).

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