Yogurt update

mmmmk, I was bad and I forgot the yogurt in the cooler longer than 24 hours! But no matter, I took the jars out like she said, dried them off & checked them. It was thinner than I expected.  I put them in the fridge as she said and got them out 20 mins ago. Still thinner than I expected. Smells like “plain” yogurt.  Tastes like “plain” yogurt.  By gosh! I made plain YOGURT!

yogurt consistancy

Now, I have a friend that makes yogurt from her goat’s milk and she says it’s excellent used in pancake batter.  I can see this even if it was thicker because it is still thinner than store-bought yogurt.

I’ve another friend that buys honey-vanilla yogurt from a local dairy. She says she drinks it straight out of the container.  I can see that this possible, given the constancy of “home-made” yogurt.

3 jars

I am not a fan of plain yogurt & I have no honey in the house at this time but I do have some spicy peach jelly that I made last summer that we love.  It never jellied up as thick as it should have BUT it tastes great and still works for sandwiches so I thought hey, why not some spicy peach yogurt! I thought I’d not strain this batch thru cheese cloth because I could use the probiotics so why have them at a separate time? I’ll just drink them with my yogurt …

I added 2 teaspoons of jelly to my pint of yogurt and stirred it up and tried Anastasia’s method, drinking it straight from the container …. not bad at all.

spicy peach yogurt

I still want to do some experimenting with methods & flavors but I promised you a follow-up so there you have it!


4 thoughts on “Yogurt update

  1. I am not a huge yogurt fan but I should really eat some every day because of digestive issues I have… I’d love to try yours! So sad you live so far away from me!

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