Creamy Milk Soap

SO again – all this milk & cream!

I played around with different recipes and came up with one that I liked which includes fresh cream (added as an oil) and fresh milk used as a liquid.

I whipped this up on Tuesday morning after milking.  Yes, I finally got a stick blender!  My daughter brought it home for me-yes!  Man that blender was nice & FAST too! Beat the hell outta the whisk & elbow grease I had been using.

SO when I was done putting it into my mold, I set it out on the front porch. It has been cold here so I figured why take up space in the freezer.  I brought it in this morning and un-molded it. Oh I am so happy with the turn out of this soap!  I took the pictures on the freezer paper I used to line the mold so that you can see how well it retained its white color.  I mean LOOK at that LACK OF COLOR!!!

Now I knew that this was going to be a softer bar of soap due to my recipe & the lack of real hard oils in it.  When I went to cut it, it pulled away on my knife a bit.  Like stuck to one side of the blade.  So I tried a wire.  That worked much better but it still sorta flaked, just small little flakes mind you, but none the less I looked up what I might have done wrong.  From the research I have done I should have left it molded up LONGER so that it set up better as it is a softer bar?  Anymore ideas?

So time will tell how this soap really turns out.  Spoilage may be a concern BUT depending on how great this soap turns out, it may get used fast enough that it won’t have time to spoil!  I figure the creamy recipe with tea tree oil added should make a GREAT facial bar!  We will see! I’ll keep you posted …


8 thoughts on “Creamy Milk Soap

  1. Your soap looks incredible. So White. You already figured it out – I would have said to leave it another day (or more if necessary) and see if it had hardened up a bit more to cut. I have never used cream in a soap or butter. I have a friend with goats and we have been talking about making goats milk soap, I just need to find a recipe to go from, and that makes sense to me I guess. My friend has never made soap so we will start with a vegetable oil batch at my house, then do one at her house then move on to the goat’s milk.

  2. I’ve cut my soap before with dental floss. It works pretty well!

    I’ve been away from WordPress for awhile and haven’t seen your original recipe to offer any tips. Is it cold or hot process soap? I make a hot process soap with only soft oils, but I do add 2 oz. of bees wax. Maybe some wax would help your recipe too?

    • I’ve wondered where you’ve been. Haven’t put a recipe up until I get it right 🙂 I had left a hunk of it intact (uncut) and actually just cut it today with a knife. Smooth as silk although I notice some ash and slight darkening of the soap.

      • yes I have made milk soap that has too but never after the fact. Usually when I pull it from the mold it already has. This was nearly pure white out of the mold. I am going to have to work on it. Okay, so what do you know about butter? Fresh made butter not store bought altered butter? I look at it when I make it and think wow this would be great but everything I read says it’s nasty.

      • My sister makes from-scratch butter it all of the time where she works and loves it. She makes hers in a mixer. I’ve never found a good source of cream, so I’ve never tried it. I’m surprised that people would say it’s gross, unless they’re used to super-salted butter?

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