Yogurt in the Raw

Milk, butter, more milk, buttermilk, more milk … why not yogurt!

I have been thinking of things to make with all this milk.  Kansas law on raw milk leaves me with a lot left over. Granted the animals are enjoying a gallon plus every day, but I thought  why not make some yogurt.
I did some searching on the internet and came across a method that sounded simple and logical.
So here we go …..
First I had to milk Traci.  I thought fresh warm milk might be even better to use than raw milk that had been refrigerated, so out I went to get the job done.  
and here is my mornings catch!  Warm, clean and fresh in the surge bucket
bucket of fresh warm milk
and even though the milk is pumped into a clean bucket from just washed teats, I feel best going that extra step and filtering it into clean containers.
Here is my full a.m. catch.  The 2 jars are for the yogurt, the bottle is for Stevie and the rest I will put into the fridge so that the cream can separate from the milk.  Then I will skim the majority of it off tonight, before I milk again, stir the remaining cream into the milk and then bottle it up for consumption.
this mornings catch
Her  “recipe” called for 1 gallon of milk & 15 T. plain yogurt divided between 5 quart jars but
I am using pints because I could not find a big cooler, only a little lunch sized one that these pints fit into perfectly.
So her directions are, to fill jars with fresh milk leaving enough room to add live cultured store yogurt to the jars without them spilling over -ok and she says use 3 Tablespoons per quart jar of milk.  I used 1.5 Tablespoons per pint. 
Next I am to put the jars into a pot and fill it with water using a pitcher just up to the milk line – did that.  Then I am to set my burner temp to med-low and bring the water up to 105 degrees.  She says this happens fairly fast and that it needs to be babysat, on that note I thought I should go ahead and give Stevie her bottle before it got cold!
Stevie LOVES her Traci milk!

Stevie LOVES her Traci milk!

Once my water temp reaches 105

we are there!

we are there!

I am to take the jars out, turn off the burner, add the store yogurt to the jars and whisk it in real good with a fork. Then seal the jars tightly, put them in the cooler, make sure that the pot of water that is still on the stoves temp is between 105 & 110 (not above or below) then pour that water over the jars (covering them) close it up and set it aside, untouched for 8-24 hours.

packed in cooler

Since I used a huge heaping Tablespoon of yogurt, I think I will leave it in the cooler for the full 24 hours. Why you ask? dunno, just because …

a friend of mine did a post on making yogurt as a follow-up to my saying “I think I will make yogurt today!”.  Her method is different but still the same basic concept.  Wonder how the results will differ?

SOOOOOOO I will follow this post up with my results!  Talk to you Monday or thereabouts!

To see where I got my guidance from go HERE  Thanks Cristina!


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