I can’t believe it’s BUTTER!

well so now that I have introduced you to Traci, you gotta see this!

Lena and I whipped some up the other day.

churner cream

Now honestly is wasn’t that easy but Lena gave it a good go in the beginning!

lena churning

 I had to finish it of course & my gosh my arm nearly fell off!

My jar is not the correct one for the Daisy Churner top, so we use a little hand towel to make up the size difference.  Works just fine … see?


It was as bad as hand stirring soap to trace (yes I do that because I don’t have a fancy smansey stick blender) but it was well worth the effort!

better view butter

Look at the buttermilk!

happy results

No food coloring or additives – just rich Jersey cream to wonderful fatty butter.


I am going to have to make some chocolate chip cookies soon!


4 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s BUTTER!

  1. YUM! I am jealous! I love fresh butter. Check with my mom – she has a butter churn like that. I have not idea where it is these days. She also has the wooden bowl us use to press out all the left over milk.

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