How Now Brown Cow

Well how have you all been? Me? busy! Selling goats, sewing, taxes, spring is here planting & clean up around the farm & the list continues.  There have been a lot of changes around here. I didn’t get to finish 2013 kidding stories so I will probably just do random picture posts as I get time.

I did however want to share with you our latest addition to the farm.

This is Traci our Jersey cow.  She is sweet as can be.  She stands well to be milked by hand and by machine, so she is very versatile!  She is a young cow and was rather thin when we got her, very healthy just thinner than I like to see, although she was producing much more milk than she is now. I think she was getting tired of waiting on my slow ass gimpy hands to get her milked out but all & all she was pretty darned patient with me. I invested in a milk machine & that has helped a lot! Her production is picking up now with the machine vs what it had become milking her by hand. We are giving her a healthy supply of groceries and she is filling out quite nicely. I get a bath every morning and night after milking her. Ever had a cat lick you? Ya well think of a cat with a 8 x 3 x 1.5 tongue! I know she means well and is just showing me love but damn!, it hurts! HAHA She actually leaves me quite dry, no slime or residue.  DANDY!    I don’t think I could have asked for a better cow. She is excellent around Lena. men & the other animals here. Joe’s daddy & I took her for a walk through the woods out to the back pasture last night, boy was she in hog heaven, grazing on all that newly sprouted brome!

She is giving us over a gallon a milking (no I am not so fancy as to weigh it out) with LOTSA cream!  Nearly 1/2!  Some times I filter the milk into a big jar and then the next morning skim off the majority of the cream, stir the rest into the remaining milk and bottle it up.  I am very pleased with the quantity & quality of her milk.

Honestly the only thing I’d ever use store-bought milk for was cereal & cooking but this milk is good for all that and drinking.  Yes I still have Jazzy & Luna and will still milk them because their milk is also wonderful.  I’m just not real good at taking kids away from mamas, so I will have to figure that one out.  All and all goats milk is better for you than cows milk according to these stats BUT cows milk is not a bad thing, butter, buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt  ….. need I say more?

With the drought that we have had here for the past 4 plus years, the scarcity of hay, the cost per bale or round for good quality hay, our fencing here on our little plot of land already set up for cows but not being goat friendly/safe well to us it just made sense to invest in a cow.  We feel we will more out of her for what we put into her than were with the goats.

We have revamped our end goal for goats.  We will focus more on miniature silkie fainters and have sold off all our non-fainting goats, their offspring and any others that didn’t fit the longer hair / good fainter bill.  We have kept some ’13 kids and I will give them the summer to see if they will fit our bigger picture of the type of goats we want to raise to sell.  We have a few others that we will raise to butcher in the late fall.

So you see, Goats still do Rock here at our farm BUT so does a Traci cow!


6 thoughts on “How Now Brown Cow

    • Thanks Emily, she is and she is a really good, friendly and gentle cow. We are getting 3 gallons a day! Lots of cream for butter! I get a quart + a day! The animals are enjoying the excess milk but can’t keep up really so I have been on the watch for some little calves to help out.

    • Vinny,
      I used to live in the city (KC area) and yes it is different & I love it! Don’t miss the city at all! Sometimes the live music scene, but that’s about it!

      • My daughter lives only a few blocks from me, but she is a country girl in the city! She makes her own bread, preserves, makes fermented foods, starts her own seeds, even gets her own maple syrup from the trees on her property. So amazing and i love it!

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