Sisters in Sync

Now we left off at Hershey’s kids.  Sorry been busy. It’s been nuts around here!

February 15th 2013

I think I have told you in an earlier posts that we had sold Emma Jane & Graces Angel years ago and that I stumbled across their photo on CL and we got them back??  So anyway they’ve been back with us for a year or so now. While away they had to share space and rely on each other for everything a goat needs from a partner.  So in that sense they are sisters.  Angle is actually Grace’s first-born and Emma Jane is Festus’ sister.

The female species is pretty amazing, for lots of reasons, but one I think is super cool is how they come to cycle together. You hang out long enough, are close & share secrets, love and look out for one another and bond tightly with a friend, over time you can end up cycling together.  Goats are no exception to this.  Herds are known to go into cycle all at the same time or pretty damn close.

Sisters in Sync …

Emma was first to deliver. I did not have my camera out for the event, that by the way went off without a hitch, but got some shots of the kids out behind the barn where she led them all nice & cleaned up.  Look at the colors on those kids coats!  They are cuties!  The tan is a buckling & black is female.

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This same day Sierra got out of the “hospital” to enjoy the warm sunshine & fresh air. She had a few of Jazzy’s kids to keep her company.  Tundra tended to babies and slept some of his day away in the yard.  Sometimes I like to let him be away from the main herd and just with the smallest of kids so that he bonds well and looks out for them.  Josie (one of Sally’s orphans) got to get out and run the yard and look at the rest of the herd through the fence.  She is doing well and is a real little piggy!

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Later that evening while feeding (I think it was) Angel went into labor.  Angel and Emma both are low in the pecking order and they both are pretty stiff, so they get pecked on a lot!  We made a quick decision to put Oso in the backyard 😦 and Emma & Angel in his pen.  This way they could take care of their newborns without any hassles.

While in the process of setting up what I call a manger, adding fresh straw, a heat lamp & making sure they had everything they needed, Angel delivered 2 nice sized kids in the main barn before we could get her moved.  A buck & doe.

Remember Dixie’s bubble? Well there was no time to waste.  Poor Angel had no idea what to do, here she just spit some kids out and we are moving her around, but it was for the best and everyone settled in nicely.  Her kids were having a time finding nipples through all her skirt hair and Angle is so short both Joe’s daddy & I were having trouble helping them find them!  What to do?  Joe’s daddy played beauty shop!  Now you’d think that having 8 sisters and growing up with a 1/3 of them and their friends that he’d had more knowledge of these girl type things.  Obviously they never let him play this game:) He did a hack job, but was very careful when cutting Angles hair away not to snip a nipple. Oh could you imaging the disaster if that’d happened?!

I didn’t run in to get my camera but did go out the next morning to take pictures.  And here they are!

Not the markings I’d thought for Angle, but then she did have a red doe the first time 🙂

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