Jazzy’s kids

February 16, the day after Dixie kidded, Jasmine had 3 little Nigerian Dwarf bucks.  2 blue-eyed and one brown.  Tiny little things they were and since it was so cold we went ahead and put her in the well house too.

We divided it so that Sierra had one side & Jazzy & Luna had the other.  Tight quarters for the dams but with the cold temps we figured they’d just have to get along and they did 🙂

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Yesterday morning I found the black socked buckling in the back of their goat house.  He had passed.  The heat lamp had been knocked down.  I don’t know if he got squashed/suffocated because of the cold or maybe he was hungry?

Nigerian kids are so different from Myotonic kids.  They are so much frailer, tiny & thin.  I have a hard time telling if they are okay or not.  The little brown/white buckling I had bottled a bit to bring him up to speed a while back and they all seemed to be doing ok.

I suppose like anything else, you learn as you go.  I found yesterday that the brown socked buckling WILL drink from a bottle but insists on being with mama so I think I will supplement for now until I can get things arranged to pull babies from mammas & get them on the bottle.  We thought we had that covered yesterday but alas goats, be they kids or adults, will always let you know how good your fencing is (or isn’t) and if you have any holes to use for escape!!


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