Hershey’s Kids

yep back to back post because we practically had back to back kidding February 16th!

My camera battery was dead for Hershey’s birthing, so her kids are next day in photos.

From what I recall all went great!  We have has a lot of black kids this year – never have we before! Thanks Oso!  She had 2 doelings. Both healthy and doing great.  Black girl was bigger than the other and has wavy hair. The other is already fainting.  Hershey has the highest number on the richter scale here at our farm.  Seems the closer she is to kidding and until weaning she is so terribly stiff that her kids (and others like Snitch) just really drag her down.  I always have to pull her kids earlier than I’d like.

Snitch is Tess’s buckling.  I named him that because he will snitch a meal from any mama he can & it’s crazy but he knows when a doe is giving birth.  He waits until the new kid is up and feeding and then slips completely under the new dams tummy and proceeds to chow down!  He is awful!  He is also unlike any other kid goat I’ve known.  He’s the best goat/dog ever, but that’s another post.


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