Finally a Doeling from Dixie!

So after Luna kidded and we got Sierra tucked in and away for her recovery in the “hospital”, I had a rest of 3 days, from kidding anyway.

On Feb 15-13 Dixie was a blabbin’.  Dix always always talks and talks when she is in labor.  She will call you out of the house, keep you in the barn right there with her until her packages arrive.  God forbid you have to go to the house to go potty, she gets louder the further away you get & doesn’t stop until you get back!

Now mind you up until she is in labor she is a bitch on wheels.  She doesn’t want you to touch her, don’t come near her, the other does are not allowed to step foot in her “bubble” that seems to grow in circumference daily.  Usually she is a needy ninny when in labor but doesn’t interact with the other does, just her humans. This year she had the whole herd going.  Everyone was in sync bleating and blabbing right along with her.  As much as it seemed Lena would rather go do anything else than to listen to Dixie’s blubbering, we stayed with her until her kids came.

She finally found her a spot in the “Maternity Ward” to get comfortable & proceeded to push.  Lena was right there giving me the blow by blows, “I see it”, “it’s coming grama”, I stayed back a ways & let her watch as close up as she wanted to be and Dixie didn’t seem to mind at all.  I think it’s good for kids to see how things work and understand nature & it’s creatures.  To have compassion for them in their times of need whether that is space or human comfort.

She had 2 cute blue-eyed kids (Dixie always has the cutest kids) a tan & white buck and a black & white doe!  She has NEVER had a doe!  So this was a special day!  She cleaned them right up & got them nursing. Dixie is a great mom.

Since then her bubble has continued to grow.  She’s always been like that but this time it’s really bad.  She is trying to make the entire barn hers.  I’ve come to having to tie her for spells during feeding time to meet the nutritional needs of other does and for periods throughout the day for the safety of other does & KIDS!

ahhh ya, the bitch is back! 🙂


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