Chain Link ~ A Link in the Chain

Yep I did it again.  With so much going on & to keep up with, I phased out on you all.  I am sending out this summary to fill the gap between births, where I left off.  I am 10  (yes TEN)  behind!!  So stay tuned. The stories get happier and stay that way.

Now where did I leave off?  Oh yes with Luna and her 4 kids.  Well now nature has a way, we had 2 more kids pass.  They were up and going in the photos that I  included in her post, but 1-2 hours later 1 kid was dead and the other near death.  I tried everything I could think of to save her but could not.  I think Luna chose to only have 2 kids and not 4.  Maybe by the 2 strongest?  I am not sure but no matter she has 2 bucks living that are strong and healthy and she is doing well.

At the same time we have had a former doe come to stay with us.  She was 1 of our first ever 2 does.  Her partner Sally passed and she, Sierra, was down with a severe uterine infection, a possible broken or dislocated hip, pneumonia and had been attacked by a dog.  It was felt that it would be best to bring her back “home” as she needed round the clock care & warmth and her owner had 5, 2 week old kids to feed & care for. She came to us the night Luna had her 4 kids. We carried her into the fire room so that she could stay nice and toasty until we could get the well house (my milk room) set up for her outside.

Since then her owners have given her back to us and she has recovered from her pneumonia and infection.  She is now eating and drinking on her own but she still can not get up.  I am going to make her a sling today and see if we can not get her off her belly and on to her feet with just enough pressure to keep her hooves from bending back the wrong way.  I’d hate to think that we have went through all this only to have to put her down because she can not walk.  She is going to walk again if I have my way.  I know she wants to.  She drags herself around the well house and has her bitchy attitude back.  So we have a lot of work ahead of us, she has a lot of work ahead of her, but we will get there.  Love can do powerful things and I always knew goats had a lot of love but this bout with Sierra has shown me just how much they love.  She has looked to us for comfort & care.   We had to give her 5 shots a day, 3 in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m. She was tired of getting all those.  One morning after fighting the first two, she  gave into the third and lay her head on my shoulder nuzzled up in my hair so close that I could clearly hear the whence she let out at the sting of the shot she was getting in her ass cheek. I moved her from penicillin to a sulfa drug that I could give her by mouth.  After that she began eating on her own.  I’ve never been much a fan of penicillin …




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