Hot Lips Luna oh My My!

We arrived home last night and Jo’s daddy went out to check all the girls while I got Sierra situated for the night.

Over the baby monitor I hear “this goat one of the girls Jazzy or whatever her name is one of them is having babies”.   I make sure Sierra is in a good spot and quiet, grab a towel and head out to the barn.  I arrive as baby 3 had just come. 2 does and a buck! Pretty babies with pretty colors. Luna is tending to them pretty good as she lays down to push again!  oh no we all say. Out pops baby 4!! It’s a girl.

After some time she lay down and began pushing again.  Oh hell I am thinking.  No more.  I can’t tend to a down goat and all these mamas & babies & bottle feed an infant – at least not tonight.  False alarm thank goodness.

It was freezing and we felt that the heat lamps were not doing their job well enough for 4 tiny babies and mama so we scooped up the kids and took them to the well house where Joe’s daddy had made a pallet of wood shavings/sawdust and turned up the space heater.  Not ideal but warmer than the freezing night air.

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We took Jazzy too because without Luna she’d be lost.  She’s not exactly happy about sharing space with 4 crying kids but kept herself busy licking the freezer??


2 thoughts on “Hot Lips Luna oh My My!

    • I am glad you enjoy them! I have a story about a gal named Emily but these goats have been keeping me darn busy! I also was hoping to get my greenhouse done before telling that story 😉

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