Superbowl Sunday

Joe’s daddy & I were outside yesterday, he working on the greenhouse (finally!!) & I hanging laundry, cleaning house & what have you …

We were winding things down & he was going to clean up his tools & I was to check on the goats before we left to family’s for ribs with all the fixings.

I walk over to the gate to go in and there I see Queenie, cleaning up a newborn kid with another in the sac wiggling around on the ground.  I rush in yelling at my husband – get a towel! Babies! Free the little one from her sac, clear her mouth and swipe her nose and take her to Queenie to clean (face first of course).  In comes my husband with a towel drying the little buck while us girls tend to this little bit of a doe.

It was the same thing as Pebbles.  The teeny doe was well so tiny, like she was premature.  This one was breathing but not well so Joe’s daddy ran in to get the bulb syringe. I sucked her out best I could by mouth & both her little nostrils. It was strange, she never put her tongue in her mouth really & though she was breathing she wasn’t “with it”. She tried hard in her 30 minutes of life to get to a sitting position, to cry (it was more like a squeal) but still wasn’t with it.  We discussed thoroughly how much we were going to intervene.  We both felt it best to let nature take its course with the condition of the doe, her alertness & strength & following Queenie’s lead.  She could not & would not nurse, and she was not improving as time passed.  We left her with under the heat lamp so that she would stay warm & mama attended to her off and on.  I felt sound with our decision and that her little time here was spent loved & cared for with her mama talking sweetly to her, nuzzling & licking her.  She was a pretty little thing, blue eyes with a black body.  She had some milk chocolate-brown swirled in and white frosted ears.  She’d a been a looker for sure!

We came back & I checked on the buck kid, Queenie & the rest of the girls.  He was doing just fine, quiet little fellow.

All the other does were resting.  I still think Storm, Streak & Jaysa are going to go soon.

Crazy, Queenie never said a thing, never cried out – nothing.


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