Kids having Kids

I am freezing! What I thought was screaming from outside startled me from sleep.

Joe’s daddy rolls over, “what!?” “I thought I heard the goats yelling”.

I laid back down to drift off … “you did” he says, as I fly out of bed to grab my jeans, stumble into the fire room to get my coveralls from the closet.  Into the dining room to get my coat & to the laundry area to slip on my bogs (no socks mind you, thank god they are insulated!)

Grab the flashlight from the dryer top and head out the back door to the barn.  More screaming, I’m coming I mutter to myself as I run out to the barn, (darn! I forgot my camera!) into the gate to see all the girls standing about as I search for who. Cherokee.

 Little Cherokee got herself knocked up by her daddy – oops.  No not on my watch, before she came to our farm.  It happens though.  Miss Storm jumped a nearly 5′ wood fence to go see her daddy one night – nice huh?

Anyway, it took her a while to deliver.  I borrowed Guinness’s heat lamp and set it up in a corner of the main barn while she continued to push.  Kept my eye on her for any troubles.  She was wearing out fast.  The last few pushes I grabbed a hoof and gently pulled with her contractions.  The baby was half out and she was tired. She hit the ground crying!

Oh you should have seen the nosey ninnies!!  An audience of onlookers!  Everyone wants to see a new baby!  In-experienced first timers that are soon to pop, curiously & cautiously coming up to see this new addition to the herd.  Experienced nannies casually wandering by, trying to act like they don’t care as they slow down, only to stop and stare, some to smell Cherokee some to smell baby.  Others keep their distance and just gawk lol some so much so that you can see the drool drip from their open mouths! (not really, but if goats stood staring with their mouths open it’d be at this point that they would drool) Then the chorus of groans and baby blubber starts.  Many are very close to kidding (the first round) so I am wondering who this will set off.  I am betting Ginger or Emma Jane & possibly Jasmine.

First time mammas are always a pain & when they are real young … well let’s see, I finally had to dry baby off enough that she wouldn’t freeze.  (haha)  I had to “pin” Cherokee still while lifting her leg so that the baby could nurse 2x’s.  After I saw her tail wag a few times I knew she got something so I felt safe enough to come into the house so I could warm up!

I have checked out the window a few times but am not seeing them now.  I will go check and bring my camera with me this time!

Baby is warm, dry and nursed while I was out there!

2 hours old

2 hours oldGoose facewhat to name herbeer names have left me beer varieties have left me

all that comes to mind is Vodka – Grey Goose to be exact.

Help!  Can you think of any good names for this sweet little girl?

We need something different from the norm for goats, cats, dogs, horses, animals in general.

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6 thoughts on “Kids having Kids

  1. What about the name PAN? He was a Greek goat-footed god…also called the god of Panic, which is what you did when you heard screaming and scampered to get out to the goats. :0) His coloring is perfect for the name!

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