up to speed – 2013

I have noticed I go through these periods of neglect & I apologize to all my readers.  I do not mean to be so neglectful I just become overwhelmed and something has to give.  Facebook seems so much easier to keep up than a blog sometimes – my bad I know.

So then, here I am back again with a new look for the blog & hopefully won’t fall out for such a long period again.

Christmas went well.  I had some ideas that’d been rumbling through my head for a long time that I brought to life to try out on my family, sometimes better known as my guinea pigs!  So far everything has run pretty smoothly so I will be sharing those here and in my store for purchase in the very near future.

2013 kidding season started January 8th with the birth of 2 baby girls.  The first was the tiniest most perfect little doe with little goat jewelry hanging from her neck (like her mama) but she never took a breath.  Her heart was beating.  I tried everything I knew to help Pebbles. I cleared her nose & throat, rubbed her up with a towel & still nothing.  My last attempt, I swung her by her hind legs (to blow out anything that may have possibly been lodged) and still nothing but a heart beat.

While Pebbles gave birth to her second doeling, we let the first go.  I left her with Pebbles until the next morning and then brought Tundra in to clean up.  Bless his heart (I love Tundra so much) he would not touch the baby with mama right there so I picked her up and set her outside the pen.  He took her in his mouth ever so gently & very carefully turned and left with her and buried her in the back yard.  She remains there to this day.

I think that if he’d been in the other pen he may have handled the expired doe differently, but that he could get to the back yard on that day, he chose a different method.

So, enough of that!

Meet our second kid born healthy as a little horse, this 2013 winter/spring kidding season

I have named her Guinness. Dumb name for a goat? You may be right, I may be crazy, but her coat reminds me of a good dark stout beer. I kept thinking black and tan, so Guinness it is no matter how dumb it may be! In fact I may name all babies after beer this year – lol – beers good right!?

I am expecting more kids, by the time it’s said and done anywhere from 19 to 38 of them!   It will be a busy next few months & I will try to keep up.

In thinking back & guestimating, we should have kids starting Feb 13.   I am expecting 2 “waves” of them.

Yesterday I gave pedicures to some of the girls (and Blue Boy).  Dixie has a good bag on her and is squatting when I hold it.  She’s quite a mess and has been.  I expect her to blow first – but who knows.   Goats are always full of surprises!


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