LumberJack LOVE

I had saved some old flannel shirts that had been given to me for something special.

For that just right project.

I never know when that’ll happen, it just does and it did!

My guys, Joe’s daddy & 2 sons, have worked so hard this winter

splitting & carrying wood in to keep us warm …it hit me  … duh!

Denim and Flannel!

I started with just a few flannel hearts sewn onto denim squares


but as I sewed, my cup runneth over

with so much love for those three wonderful hard-working men

 well, I just went CrAZy!!

The result? Sore fingers but a beautiful quilt!

Yes it will be for sale in my store soon!!

DSC04847 DSC04866 DSC04858 DSC04857 DSC04855 DSC04854 DSC04848 DSC04845 DSC04841




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