Chicken Feet … Good Medicine

It’s time again, the in-between seasons, the time of year that we are all, it seems plagued with the sniffles, cold , flu and just cruddy feeling days in general.

Well now, I got you a remedy for that.  No lie, I start to feel bad, make me up a soup including the following broth and it 9 times out of 10 kicks anything I am coming down with – honest engine!

Now it’s said that chicken feet contain glucosamine chondroitin, collagen and trace minerals…  maybe so.  I figure short of what I found here at Self Nutrition Data, I dunno what they consist of other than to make you a beautiful golden, jellied wonderful tasting, good in your soups, hearty condensed broth that can be frozen and used over the winter months when you  are feeling under the weather and want to get ahead of the downtime your illness may cause you or just want a good soup for dinner

The following is my DIY  tutorial,  for HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK, from the best stock makin’ parts there are


First:  You must wash your feet and well.  Soak them in some lukewarm water then rub them down making sure you get everything clean and don’t forget to wash under the toenails ! 🙂

(you can put your feet in a bag in the fridge up to a week until you are ready to use them)

Tools needed:

Large pot for boiling water

heat proof strainer

bowl of COLD well water or iced water

large sharp knife

cutting board

1. Set you pot full of water on the burner & bring to a boil – then turn down enough to keep HOT but not boiling

I do 3-4 feet at a time because I have found that if they get to cold after scalding them they are hard to peel – yep you are gonna PEEL the skin off all the feet!

Put 3-4 feet in your strainer and submerge it in the HOT water – leave it in there about 15-20 seconds or until you see the toes straighten a bit – you DO NOT want them to curl in towards the pad of the foot!

pull them from the HOT water and dump them in the cold

 pick one up and run your thumbnail up or down the side if the leg in the little dip that runs up and down the leg.

The skin should start to peel away and you can then peel the leg.

 To peel the foot, pinch the skin of the pad of the foot and pull. It should tear away and you can peel the foot & toes.  Be sure to go all the way up and over the nails

yuck right haha

 it’s not so bad once you do one or two and you just have to think of the goodness your chickens are providing you and that you are not being wasteful as is so much of America

If you find that they are still hard to peel put them back into the HOT water for a few and then back to the cold

Here are some that have been peeled

Once you have completed all pedicures rinse your feet again

You can dump all waters and clean up any mess that you have made. Now then, get your knife & cutting board out

This is the part that always gives me the heebie jeebies and no that has not changed, but I know it is a necessary part of the process.

yep, you gotta cut every toenail off of every foot that you peeled

did I say YUCK?

I always tell my son

 because he ALWAYS asks, “whatch doin'”

I tell him,  I’m makin’ him some toothpicks

well … it takes my mind off the grossness of what I am having to do for a minute anyway

So then when you are done with that give a quick rinse again.

Throw your feet in a large pot.  I do many so I use a big electric turkey roaster to make my stock in.

Cut up in large wedges & chunks carrots, celery ribs, garlic cloves &  onions

Add to that 7-13 peppercorns, a handful of fresh thyme and some salt

All your ingredients will depend on how many feet you have.

Cover with water

bring to a boil then turn down to simmer.

You want to simmer this stock until the feet are falling apart.

Be sure that your water level stays full.  It should if you don’t peek to often!

It should look like this when it is ready to separate & cool

when the feet are falling apart turn your heat off and let it set a bit to cool.  Pour everything through a strainer into a  large bowl or another pot.

 you could then use one of those wire mesh strainers to run it through again to catch smaller items but I don’t.

Let it cool to about room temp and then pour into ice-cube trays.

Pretty huh?

Freeze and then bag up into freezer bags.

Remember this stock is concentrated.  When you want to make soup just pull some cubes from the bags and you have a good hearty base for some awesome healing soup!

Hint:  I always use fresh minced Rosemary in my chicken soups as I believe it helps open the sinuses.


4 thoughts on “Chicken Feet … Good Medicine

  1. sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it 🙂 I have a bagful of feet in the freezer from our last slaughter day, so I might just have to give this a go!

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