Handmade Pay it Forward Challenge

One of my all time favorite blogs, Sincerely, Emily, reposted her 2012 Pay it Forward Challenge – thank goodness because I missed the first one!

Guess what?!

I was the first to reply!

 Meaning if I am getting the rules correctly I am one of her 5!

Well, it’s not just that simple.

I have to pelage that I will post the challenge on my blog & that the first 5 that reply to me with a pledge to do the same, will get something handmade from me!

How cool is this?

What’s even cooler, is that she pushed her date to December 2013!  WHEW!

So here goes:

The FIRST 5 people who comment with a pledge to Pay it Forward gets something HandMADE from ME!

Now then with that said, your item will be a surprise to you, something that I choose, but will be handmade by me

(yes I will be researching your blog to get an idea of what I think might suit you)

I have seen this done via email & I know not everyone has a blog so I’ll go a step further

Use your Facebook to get your 5 but LINK back to ME here at The Goat Granny

so you have 2 tasks

#1.  comment with your pledge to Pay it Forward with a deadline of 12-2013 (unless your fast!) in my comment section at the end of this post

#2. Post this on YOUR BLOG or Facebook – LINK back to me – Get your 5!






One thought on “Handmade Pay it Forward Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on The Goat Granny and commented:

    SAd as I am to say, I received no challengers for the pay it forward challenge that I posted. Just a few “likes”. So I am re-blogging my original post with a 2013 PAY IT FORWARD challenge! I hope that I can get 5 readers to accept my challenge for 2013!! Read on and join me in some hand-made fellowship!

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