ooops! no, make that twelve

Last Monday (Nov 5) we got a SURPRISE!

I had noticed Halo walking a little funny, stiff-legged and spread, waddling about the yard & pasture.  Every now and again she’d pause and arch her back. I casually meandered by her back side to see if what I thought was going on was indeed going on – indeed it was!

 I knew that I had to get a hold of her somehow, if she had troubles, I’d hate for her to take off if she got spooked with a baby half in half out! If something was wrong or she needed my help I wanted to be there for her.  I got a lead rope and tried to get close enough to her so that maybe I could get it around her, she just ran.

 She had run around the yard and then back to the area that the rest of the herd were grazing.  Pebbles and Jaysa were near her, Cherokee and Streak were not far. Luna and Jazz were looking at me like I was an idiot.  Lena was jackin around in the sand pile that was in the same vicinity.

Halo had finally stopped and continued her labor .  She seemed fine but then started crying out, bleating and bawling in a panicked pitch.

 Then I heard Queenie answering in a concerned “I’m coming” tone while running over to Halo’s side.  Halo calmed right down and continued. Remember I said they had this bond?

Well Queenie stayed near for most the rest of her labor, I tried again with no luck to get a rope around her.  As her labor progressed and she was at a point of pushing enough that she couldn’t run, Queenie wanted nothing to do with her so I moved in and was able to get my hands on her, rope around her neck.  I spoke softly and reassured her I was there to help not hurt & that all was ok – yep I’m a nut.  She gave into me, buried her nose in my armpit and pushed and pushed.  Poor girl pushed so much she eventually had to lay down.  She was tired and baby was not budging.  I could see 1 hoof a nose and tongue a wiggling.  She kept trying, she was tired and baby still was coming no further.  I assisted as I had with other births and tried to loosen things up but that did not work.  Finally she stood and gave it her all again – still nothing so I made the decision to pull gently with each contraction.  I got a hold of that bit of a leg and proceeded with my plan.  After several more contractions I was able to pull the baby free!  Whew too we had done it!  Lena is such a trooper.  There by grandma’s side watching quietly.  Seems she instinctively knows when I really need her to be a good girl – or maybe it’s just the aww factor!

She immediately turned to see what the hell just happened, smelled, licked and started mama talking to her baby girl.  We put her in the kidding pen when Joe’s daddy got home from work.  She was still shy for a while, but see’s now that we are not there to harm her or her little one.  She readily accepts our hand for pets now.  It’s a good feeling when you can reach an animal that way.

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