Bologna Breath

So as I said in my, It’s been a long summer post,  I was out in the barn quietly watching the goats interact with one another. (Nov.7)

Earlier this summer we had taken the solid end of the kidding pens down so we could use that space for hay storage. Tonight however Joe’s daddy  stacked the bales of brome at that open end of the kidding pen to form a wall & close it off so no one could get out & put a good thick bed of straw down for comfort. Halo was in hog heaven as she could eat from the bales as she pleased while her new kid slept cozy and warm.  He supplied us with a fresh bucket of water and 2 heat lamps at each end of the kidding pens.

We designed our kidding pens so that 1 pen can open up into another.  So we can have 2 separate pens or 1 big one.  Tonight we had the 12′ x 4′ area to ourselves.

Why so much space for a little Nigerian, her kid and myself?  Because we had a big fat Lily in there with us!

Oh I forgot to tell you, Lily and Tundra did the deed !

Lena & I had spent most of the day outside & I noticed that Lily had been up and down all day but not as active as in days past, so I had a feeling the big event may be soon.

Near 4 pm she lay in the corner of the pole barn with labored breathing not wanting to move. When I offered her evening meal she sniffed it and turned away. Okay she has now convinced me we were on our way! Thus the prompt to get the before mentioned area ready!

We got Lily coaxed into the pen and I sat with her to let her know everything was fine and that it was a good place to be.  She accepted her new area without hesitation.

Halo didn’t know what to think at first having a full-grown, big fat pregnant Great Pyrenees so close to her but after 30 minutes of snorting she finally realized that Lily was not threat to her or her little one and she relaxed.

Joe’s daddy sat with everyone while I went to  milk and then said his good nights and left us. I had brought a couple of blankets out with me and settled in for a long night. I was extremely tired as I had taken medicine after I milked. I had been sick all day and still wasn’t feeling well.  I faded in and out of sleep, waking as Lily moved, and finally dropped out on her at I don’t know what time.  I just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  I woke around 2:30 a.m. with my toes FREEZING!  The rest of me was just  fine and toasty but my toes were so cold.  I watched Lily a while longer and checked the important areas and decided to go ahead and leave her & went into the house and got into my warm comfortable bed to finish sleeping.

Next morning the first thing I did was get dressed and head to the barn to check on her – notta – okay time for a new plan.  I let her out of the pen and brought her into the back yard with me so that I could monitor her better. She still refused her dog food but did eat a strip of chicken that I gave her.  As the day progressed her breathing had not changed & her activity was minimal. Lot’s of up and down, shifting positions etc.

Toward the end of the afternoon she still ate nothing and had chosen a spot under the back porch stairs, in the sand, in a prior dip she had dug into a large hole.  I decided that I was not going to spend another night in the barn or outside, didn’t want her having them under the steps, didn’t want frozen puppies, certainly didn’t want anything to happen to my girl being a first timer and all & settled for keeping her in the house.

What a task, paw by paw, stair by stair and with a big heave at the top I got her up the stairs and into the house. For her fear of the stairs, every time she had to go out to go potty we had to go through the same routine of getting her up the stairs & into the house – uhgg!

Oh she wanted out so badly throughout the evening and by the time we went to bed she was frantic – came into our room and got me up – wanting out that back door.  Tough as it was to not just go ahead and let her do it her way, we did it mine and I got my pillow & blankets settled in on the couch.  Well as settled as I could get with a in heavy labor breathing slobbering dog hovering over me, my face, my hands – yuck! The things I do for these animals I’ll tell you.

I got off the couch, heck why do I need to sleep anyways right, and on the floor with her to pet and sooth her and she’s flip-flopping around and then she begins pushing.  By 10:45 out pops puppy #1 – it’s a boy!

Again I had taken medicine as I was still sick and after baby 3 was born I was out!

I woke to baby 8 all cleaned up but laying away from mama crying its little lungs out.  Pick it up and settled it next to its siblings at Lily’s belly and fell back asleep.

She did great and though hindsight is 20/20 I am still happy with my choice to bring her in. It has been a pleasure to help her, give her extra love & watch her mother her young.

God blessed the mama dog with patience I’ve never seen from another animal & the selflessness leaves me speechless as does their ability to tune out noisy children! HA


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