and then there were eleven

*laugh out loud*

if anyone ever told you that goats can be addictive – well I am here to tell you, they aren’t lying!

Yet another opportunity presented itself this summer to add 7 more Nigerian Dwarfs to our dairy herd!

It was a package deal so some will stay and some will go but all in all we acquired some really nice girls and another buck – ugghh!

but oh well! I say you can never have enough goats – well that is a lie but it sounded good, for a minute!

Here we go with the introductions …

*drum roll please*


Pebbles is the most shy of the bunch.  She has NICE sized teats, is very stout and strong in stature.  She has that “goat jewelry”  hanging from her neck.  I call them dingle berries,  Joe’s daddy calls her ballchinian!

I think she will turn out to be worth milking and am going to have to spend a lot of time with her, earning her trust and getting her to allow me to milk her. After a month or so now she finally comes up to just sniff my hand but still stays out of my reach.


She seemed very wild but is actually the only one that will let me pet her now.  I can scratch, rub and touch her all over so that is good.  She is affectionate.  I like this girl.


Halo is skittish and with recent events I see that she & Queenie  are somehow connected.

 Queenie seems to be somewhat of a mother to Halo.

Halo has come around nicely and I think finally see’s that we here are of no threat to her, all we want is to love her.


Jaysa too is shy of people but coming around as of late.

 I expect her to be next to kid given her change of attitude lately.

Oh ya they all came to us bred – oops!-  well exposed anyway


This girl too is shy but coming around.

Not as distant as Pebbles but still keeps at arm’s length with a sniff.

I can touch her as she passes by now so she is getting more comfortable with being closer.

I think I have Queenie to thank for the girls coming around sooner than later.


This is Streaks little girl.  She follows mammas lead so she’s coming around too.  I think she will be one that I sell.

and then


Here is the buck that came with the girls.

He is no threat but not “friendly” either.

With consistency I am sure he will be no different from any other goat – all goats love attention and human interaction – well all of them that I have met so far

I debated registered goats but my intention is to provide my family with quality milk, cheese & soap.

 Therefore I don’t feel the need to have registered goats, besides registration doesn’t always mean quality.

None of my dairy goats are registered, but are from good quality Nigerian Dwarf lines and all are from a closed herd.

I have visited with this herds original owner and am sound in my decision of adding them to our farm.


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