It’s been a long summer!

I know I know I should have found time to squeeze posts in but time just kept flying by & my schedule was never-ending . So let’s start back up where I left off!!

I was out in the barn last night quietly watching the girls interact with one another and realized just how big Jig is!

She is going to be 21 weeks old tomorrow (5 months) and I swear she is as tall as her mama Zeva!

Not as full mind you, but every bit as big.  My goodness she is taller/bigger than Tess who will be 11 months old Saturday.

Here are a couple of pictures taken a month ago (I didn’t get any last night) and in it you can see she is a big girl



but last night seeing her and mama side by side eating I could see she has grown even more!

Jig has turned out to be a fine gal, still as sweet and loving as ever.  You can’t pet anyone without her butting in, her jealousy always gets the best of her 🙂 I need to sell her but am hesitant to. Her solid Structure, size, feminine details and personality alone make it a hard decision!


2 thoughts on “It’s been a long summer!

  1. I loved this post and it just made me want to sit amoung the animals and watch them and make over them. How wonderful country living is when you have animals to enjoy. It has been a long time since we lived on a farm.

    • I do love the farm Stephanie. It is relaxing and peaceful but a lot of work too! I’ve done the town & city living and wouldn’t trade being out here for anything! I only wish I could have raised my children out here.

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