The newest member of the herd

Meet GRR  Jiggy.

 That is what we’ll call her but I haven’t figured out an “official” name yet.  A BIG 3 lb baby girl, born 7-13.  So big that I had to assist!  Not only does Zeva need a chastity belt, she needs to stop hoarding food while PG!  An escape plan was executed this morning and gave me the perfect opportunity to snap some photos of this bouncy little girl. I need to weigh her again,  you can see how tall she is already compared to mama in the 10th picture.


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9 thoughts on “The newest member of the herd

    • She is and super friendly. She really is beautiful – she has a silver tone to her. You can’t see it in the pictures – or maybe kinda like a frost – hard to explain, OBVIOUSLY!!

    • Thanks Julie,
      It fits her to! She’s a mover and a shaker. I knew I had to play off her puzzle piece – now to think of a “registered” name …maybe something like, Goats Rock Ranch (GRR) Puzzle me …???? I dunno!

    • Thanks, She is. Weighed her tonight, 15 lbs already! What breed of goats do you have? I saw pictures but couldn’t find reference to their breed. They are good looking

      • Wow, she is biggun 🙂
        Thanks! Hazel, the brown one, is a 7 month old Nigerian Dwarf. Willow is a 5 month old Pygmy/Nigerian x. We only have an acre and a half, so we need the smaller goats. We have so much fun with them.

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