a meal fit for a pig

If  you keep up with me on Facebook, then you’ve met Tango & Cash from postings on my pages.

Looks tasty doesn’t it?

For those of you who don’t,  meet my little piggies!


They are staying with us for a while and eating well. What more could a pig ask for?  Fresh vegetables from the garden, home-made dinner rolls, green beans, they love the tomatoes!  They get plenty of fresh apples every day too. They are still shy and won’t let us pet them.  They do come closer each day and  if you snort at them they answer back with a series of snorts!  They are surprisingly clean and have designated one corner of the pen as their toilet. I was surprised!  The goats are very curious of them and get in nose clearing panic if they spot any sign of them under the boards that separate the pens. Joe’s daddy is building a pig pen special for them under a patch a shade trees.  They will have a mud hole & a large area of dry land to get out of the mud if they so desire.  I am sure you will be seeing more of these fellas in the months to come.

Tango and Cash


4 thoughts on “a meal fit for a pig

    • The goats are pretty used to hearing the pigs now & knowing they are right next door. It’s not as silly or exciting as it initially was, but I am sure the fun isn’t over yet!

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