so many more plants!


Goats are pretty hardy compared to other livestock in many ways but I don’t think I will chance this plant.

I am really glad I am doing this, it is very interesting & I hope you are learning as much as I am.

Plants of Texas Rangelands

???????? POISON HEMLOCK ???????

not sure on this one – I will have to research more & it’s hard to see the plant itself, I used my zoom setting.

It says biannual – lets hope so it is everywhere this year

this is so pretty, you know I am going to have to transplant some in the driest part of my flower/herb/vegetable garden to make sure it

stays around *fingers crossed*.  It too is right out there where the new pens are going to be!

From the sounds of it, this “flower” might be invasive.  I know there is so much more of it this year than last.

 Good thing it is where Joe’s pen & chicken pasture will be, maybe they will tone it down some

White Sage

This is White Sage according to this LINK & PHOTO ,but it does not look like the others in the link.  I will have to watch it as it grows.  I remember playing in the fields surrounding our neighborhood and smelling this “weed”.  If it is indeed White Sage, we could have a pow-wow on our back ten.  It is everywhere!

Please feel free to make comments, discuss what I have found, or correct me if I am wrong.

I am very interested to hear whatever you may have to say!


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