potato bin

A couple of weeks ago on my FB page, I had mentioned sharing my ingenious, self-made because I was tired of waiting, potato bin with you.

Well here she is.  Like I said she’s nothing fancy but get’s the job done!  I just made it from scrap wood that was here when we moved in.

In this next picture you can see those boards that look out-of-place at the top, the screws that are holding on those boards on are stripped so I could not get them off.  I tried a hack-saw but ummm ya that got old fast.  It’s ugly but for now it serves as a great place to wedge my sprinkler in and just let it go round & round to water lots of space!

It’s not very matching,  I put my wall up smooth side out , Joe’s daddy thought the potatoes should have the smooth side of the structure in (??  like they care ??) & I wanted to argue with him but was just thankful I was getting help to set these heavy suckers up!

I used cinder blocks as the ground supports for the posts instead of getting the post hole digger out & because the posts I had were scrap & not that long.  I figured that way too when harvest time comes we just have to pull a wall out of the blocks!

Joe’s daddy cut some boards for the ends to hold it all together. My boy nailed those in for me but never finished the other end only started it – yesterday when I added more straw I didn’t feel like finishing it either  *laugh out loud* so I just put a couple of flakes of straw side by side stood on end to block the gap! Worked for me. It is not done yet but will do for this season,  I need to figure out a way to keep the ends synched to the walls and still easily undo it when it is time to harvest.  I am thinking hinges with little eye-hook locks? and paint, maybe some flowers?? Who knows …

I also have potatoes in the barrels back there.  I have noticed a lot of rolly pollys in the barrels & I think they are eating the leaves of my plants! God only knows what they may be doing down below! Not sure what to do about that? If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them and let me know, What have you made recently for your garden?


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