Plum Dandy!

Joe’s daddy & I went sandhill plum hunting today.

The plums are on the back ten so we get to stroll through the 7 acre wood.

 It is beautiful in there and smells so good.

Dozer went with us after his bath and scared up many wild turkey along the way.

 I couldn’t get any pictures of them though they are too fast!

ahh the catalpa trees, my favorite! Northern Catalpa

Milkweed! Beautiful!

I do not know what this is. Maybe someone else does?

a dead armoured cricket/grasshopper thingy.

It appears as he was dressed for battle but lost!

my all time favorite – the sunflower – from research

 Plains Sunflower

I can not find this either. It reminded me of a

morning-glory but I swear was on a shrub type

plant not a vine and the necks of the flower were VERY long

Woolly Verbena perhaps? Pretty anyway

from my research I’d say three-leaf sumac ???

Goat’s Beard

and wild turkey over the fence

in my neighbors back yard

see ’em way back there to the right?

we didn’t get very many plums, many are not ready yet

but I did have fun taking pictures.

There are so many more pictures of plants to take!


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