that’s so Martha

If you know any one thing about me it should be that I LOVE FLOWERS and I LOVE TO GARDEN.  We have worked tirelessly on this house, yard and everything in-between since moving here.  Some days it seems that we have only made a small dent.  Other days I can stand back and at least be satisfied with the dent made instead of knowing more must be done to reach even a smidgen of satisfaction.

Last week my daughter and I were out in the garden area & I was showing her things I have done and explaining what more was left to do. The project I had worked on I was pretty proud of although it was not complete .  Much to my surprise she said “that’s so Martha Stewart”  I was almost offended until she followed with “I want one”. Whew I thought!  I am doing something right.

It isn’t complete yet, but I will share with you what I’ve got so far.  Here is looking at the front of the greenhouse. Barrels of potatoes there in blue and the butterfly/herb garden is in very slow process behind us.

excuse my mess.  Everything is under construction here at the farm so nothing is very pretty yet … but it is pretty cool …  my idea was to have a shaded entrance to the greenhouse (all over in the tall weeds back there still not put up) while providing a place to grow my green beans & cherry tomatoes.

the first part of my construction consisted of T-Posts (recycled) with hog wire (recycled) ran between them to support the bean rows I had planted until I could talk Joe’s daddy (my husband) into getting the materials needed for the entrance I had in mind.  I just finished running a second piece of hog wire along the top half today as the runners were over the top of the first piece. This piece will be permanent as I was able to nail it to the actual frame of the walk way instead of T-Posts.  Lena was a big help to me today getting this done.  She handed me the fencing nails as I needed them 🙂 We used landscape timbers for the 4 corner posts & 14 ft 2×4’s for the top rails.  I want to get 2 more for the very front & back but for now the 3 I have in place are doing the job they were intended to do.  At the outer underneath edge of each 2×4 my husband drilled a pilot hole and we screwed LARGE eye hooks into each. So we screwed in 6 eye hooks.  One each to support each cherry tomato plant.  Didn’t know they climbed? Well they do!  I used baling twine from the goats hay to run supports for my ‘maters (recycled & free!!) well free the second time anyway

pretty cool huh?

When I am all done I intend to have 5 total 2×4’s running the top with hog wire between each for support of foliage growth & shade cover.  I want to put lattice up the front corner posts and along the top rail.  Each black mineral tub  (recycled, thanks dad) up front of the entrance has a geranium each as well as a flowering vine planted to the back. (see picture #1)  The lattice & vines will add color to the entrance of the greenhouse.  I also planted 4 cloves of garlic around each tomato plant and arugula around each tub. pshhh that’s so Martha?  huh that’s so ME!


2 thoughts on “that’s so Martha

  1. Totally cool & fabulous Martha! Are the planted garlic cloves to keep deer and pests away? Is that cute little house on stilts for Lena or is it a deer stand? Love what you’ve done so far Michelle…oops, I meant Martha! :0)

    • no I planted some of the garlic there just to save space. Between the dogs & the cat I don’t have to many problems with deer or other varmints. Yes that is Lena’s playhouse in the background that papa (Joe’s daddy) got her for her birthday. Thanks!!

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