4 baby Bundy’s!

Al & Peg did it right this time !! (with a little help from me)

About half way through what I thought would be her laying cycle I started collecting eggs and it paid off.

Of the 7 (I think it was) eggs I saved back for her 4 have hatched!  We have lost one due to Pete .

I don’t know what we will do about Pete.  He always seems to have it out for Peg.  I dunno if he has like a major crush on her or hates her.

That leaves 2 more (or so I think, it could be 1 ? or three ? .. Peg is not a gal to be messed with while setting)

Anyway we have 4 bouncing baby Bundy’s!!  Al has not seen his offspring yet but I am sure he will be proud.  He is a very good daddy roo.

LOOK! – They are so cute and teeny tiny with little fuzzy feet….

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