Estate sale finds!

My daughter called me on her way home this afternoon & said there was an estate sale down the road from us, would I like to go?  I hesitated to say yes while in my mind I am thinking, well hell yes!  Na better not funds are low.  Well mothers day is coming up she says, if you see anything you want …………well she talked me into it.  Glad she did!  Look at the goodies I got!

A fruit/tomato smasher/seeder thingy and a butter churn!

the churn head is a DAZEY 4 paddle and the jar is a Sunbeam Mixmaster Churn

which kind of sucks because now I must hunt a DaZey churn jar to go with the churn head, but hey I am still so very happy because these together work just fine for now! and I (she) got it CHEAP!  I posted this under recycle because I never understood throwing away something old that is still useable.  I found something else but you will have to wait for that!


9 thoughts on “Estate sale finds!

  1. Your “fruit/tomato/seed smasher thingy” is better known as a food mill. 🙂 That’s a little less of a mouth full! Those things are blessings in the kitchen. I have much out constantly through canning season.

    I’m also completely jealous of your butter churn! I’ve wanted to try making butter for ages.

    • I love them, I used to be embarrassed to go to them & after my daughter was born started having them myself and saw all the nice things I was selling that someone else could use & realized what a dummy I was for all those years to NOT go!

    • I know right! I’m still thinking nigerian dwarf ….. with an average butter fat of 6.1% and a production weight of up to 3-4 lbs a day. Even just 1 little goat could be useful. Nubian is second runner up for butterfat so I am headed the right direction 🙂 plus more all purpose. NIgerian would have to be my craft goat.

      • Let me know how milking those little teats go =). I rarely bother milking most of my first fresheners because my hands get to aching so…but that’s where the machine comes in =).

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