Spring Training

It’s been almost a month since my baby chicks arrived here at the farm.  We have lost some along the way but the strongest have survived.  They are now flying over their barrier wall and that tells me it’s time for some free range training!!

We’ve been letting them out of their enclosure that we made in the well house corner & they have slowly been scoping out their new world.  Popping outside for a quick stroll and then dashing back into the safety of well house.

Today they decided they would venture further into the yard with the older chicks and big girls to grab a bite to eat, and yes our biggest chicken (Pete the peacock) was there too!

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2 thoughts on “Spring Training

    • It is always fun to see them explore their world and get braver each day. Who’d ever think that chickens of all things were just so much fun,entertaining,relaxing …just awesome animals to care for! So many have such individual personalities & some are just chickens. HA!

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