Caution??  Why caution you may be asking yourself? How could building a simple chicken coop be labeled a dangerous project?

Because I am loosing my patience!

From the planning to the tangible outcome of this coop I think I may explode or quite possibly lose my mind!

Bless my husbands heart he has worked on this coop for what seems like forever now.  We get a good work rhythm going with plans to continue the next day and then something else comes up,  much-needed relaxation occurs  or something else needs done or worked on right now, and yet another day passes as the coop sets unfinished and the chickens gather each night in their current homes & secretly plot out new strategies to continue their raid on my flower beds, yard & newly planted garden (when they find a way to slip through the barriers I have created to keep them out, I have given up on the beds & yard).


it IS coming along, so maybe it’s time to share some pictures and maybe, just maybe that will make it a bit easier to continue this waiting game.

The wood bottomed area that you see in the coop will be our brooder/new chick area.  Our intention is to have collapsible walls that fit around the outside of the wooded floor to keep new chicks safe & warm with a heat lamp and old busy body hens out, with the ability to take the walls  down when not needed.

We chose a raised coop for good air circulation and easier clean up.  We are going to use 2×2’s for roosts which will be attached to each 2×4 stud in the coop.  We haven’t decided yet where nesting boxes will be located.  Maybe under the brooder area but we also thought that might be a good place to build a private love shack for Al & Peg since they tend to stay low and not fly like the others and maybe then Peg will hatch some of her own chicks instead of chicks that grow twice her size before they leave her side!

We will have a human access door to get into the coop and then one out of the coop to go into the chickens yard.  The chickens will have access/exit doors and ramps on the north (two- 1 high 1 low) and west sides of the coop. We are putting a strip of meshed steel around the top of the wall for venting and fresh air circulation.

Once they get used to the new coop & yard I will give them free range of the pasture.  I am planning to run chicken wire along the inside fence of the pasture along the 2 sides closest to the yard & garden to detour them from heading back to the old house/yard and eventually encourage them toward the 7 acre wood to continue their free ranging area.

Over the summer we intend to put hinged “doors” around the bottom of the coop that we can pull up and latch to the coop, so that on nice days we can open them for more fresh air and in winter we can close them down to keep COLD drafts out.

Conveniently right next to the coop is a big ole telephone pole .  The idea is to put a big “night-light” up.  The pole also has some large holes that run through it.  We are going to see if we can’t put some wood rods through those to make  roosts for the peacocks.  You know Pete thinks he is a chicken and can’t be without his girls!  This also will give the girls a feast of leftover bugs of a morning.

Yep I see that there will be more CAUTION to heed in the future as I will have some angry birds  that are used to going anywhere their little hearts desire to being penned up for a while.  Poor babies. I think they will live, just as I will live – patience – calm – everything will be alright, right?

Thanks for letting me share & vent!  I feel better now!

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