the tail end of things

I don’t know why we didn’t think of it. Why it didn’t dawn on us and more importantly why we put off going?! We have like what? 7 acres of woods plus brambles & brush, cedars and plum thickets.  Plenty of wet places shrooms love to grow.  So why the heck did we wait until the end of the season to look for these!


My husband & I found these this morning in the 7 acre wood.  We were out there a good couple hours before we came across the mother load. Unfortunately of that load there were very few that were still moist and worth pickin but I sure had fun with him out there looking.  Nice and peaceful quiet time together.  We’ve been needing that so this was a win win! and these seem to be everyone’s favorite mushroom! Heck up in Northeast Kansas they go for 40.00 lb! see but now we know where to hunt next year, and believe you me we will be on the ball next year, no more slackin’ & procrastinatin’.  I’ll be sure to make time to go a huntin’ at the peak of the season and I’ll be sure to take my huntin’ partner with me.  All these animals & farm chores will just have to wait a day or two next year!


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