my journey continues …

There has been a lot of talk lately on a Facebook group that I am a member of about using soda and acv (apple cider vinegar) instead of shampoo.  It reminded me that I hadn’t done an update to let you know how my “shampoo free” experience is going. I think I finally found what works the best for me. You know I tried the soda thing and I have just never had the best results with it.  It is like the white vinegar rinse … it just kinda leaves my hair heavy and greasy looking /feeling even though it is not greasy. So here it is, my combination of products that work best for me!  TADA!!


When I left you last I was in the process of trying Borax Soap Water.  I must say I love it!  It is wonderful! It cleans my hair well and leaves it soft and non-greasy feeling.  IF I feel that I need any soda added, I have found that 1/2 t. added to the qt of Borax soap water works well.  Not to little, not too much  BALANCE! Isn’t that what life is all about?

Recently I found local store that carries citric acid.  It is said that a citric acid & water rinse is the only thing that really rinses the Borax from your hair and it was starting to feel a little coated so I thought I’d better give it a shot before I updated you.  Drum roll please……It’s great!  1/4 t. citric acid per pint of water is my new “conditioner”. I paid 2.16 for 1 cup of citric acid so that’s like what? .15 a rinse! My wallet can handle that!

I haven’t bought Borax in a while so I can not remember the price I paid but when you think about it you are paying very little for a cleaning considering you’re using the water that you pour off the mixture (1/4 C Borax to 1qt water, you should read how to mix it here.) I get at least 8 or more pours before I have to add any more Borax to my jar. I always pour my soap water into another container and set it in a pan of boiling water to warm it up.  Nothing like pouring a room temp mixture over your head in the shower!

I am still using the OCM and still loving it.  I search all the time for blackheads and pimples and just can’t find any.  My skin has only become cleaner and healthier using this method and my pores are most definitely smaller and best of all?  It’s cheap & all natural * doing her touchdown dance* !! whoopwhoop

I would still love to hear about your experiments and or experiences using  these or any other back to basics all natural replacements of commercial products.  Feel free to share and comment below!


8 thoughts on “my journey continues …

  1. Michelle – are you wetting your hair with plain water first and then putting the borax/water mix on your hair? Or putting it in/on dry hair? I have used the B.soa/water w/vinegar rinse on and off with wonderful unitial results and as time goes on my hair would turn into a clumpy mass of un-combalbe yuckiness! And it really would set off eczema in my scalp too.

    • Emily,
      I am wetting my hair first. This way I am less likely to get it in my eyes. Baking soda does the same thing to me as you say above, but not so much with the borax soap water. Truly I have not found any one thing that is consistently perfect but like I said, I refuse to loose hair at the rate I was when using commercial shampoo & conditioner. I’ve yet to get a natural bristle brush, but my mom did & I used it and wow! WOW! SO I am going to continue to keep trying things & changing it up until I find what works best. So far it’s the borax and I am sticking to that. Emily do you have long hair? I am wondering if folks get different results depending on length or type? or both of course

      • Thanks Michelle. I grow out my hair, then cut and donate it. Right now It is just a bit past shoulder length and I haven’t used B.soda since I cut it. When I started w/b.soda a few years ago and it got nasty I went back to using my medicaled shampoo and I was able to wash every 2-3 days and even more sometime if weather was dry and not hot. My hair is a lot healthier since I last cut it and I have kept up the washing only a few times a week. I just mixed up the borax and water and will hold off on washing my hair until tomorrow so I can try it.

        We are eating better (over past 3 years) and just recently I am tyring to make an effort to brush my hair more and really work the scalp. I was just running a brush through it in the am and pm before bed and that really isn’t enough. where did your mom find her bursh? did she order it? I think you are right about using the nature bristle brush (mine is plastic! eek!)

      • Well let me know how it works for you Emily, please.
        I am interested to know others experiences. I have been thinking of using more than just a qt. of borax soap water each time I clean my hair. Just to see if that makes any sort of difference as the original recipe given says the women used to mix up a gallon & pour off that.
        I think she got it at Wal-mart (bleck) in the “African American hair care section” (I never understood the separation of products at that store, or any for that matter ??!!!)
        Wonder if you couldn’t get one at a drug store? Worth a look before ordering on-line! A natural brush may really help your scalp out too!

    • yes Julie it does make sense. That is kinda what soda & water does to my hair and then leaves it heavy afterward, if that makes sense 🙂 I think it is because it is to harsh for my hair type, and maybe the vinegar rinse you are using is to harsh for yours. You might try cutting down on how much vinegar you use? The 1/4 t. citric acid works well but I lost my mind (this happens to often anymore lol) and used a full teaspoon per qt of water. It left my hair pretty nasty. I also really want to get my hands on a REAL boar bristle brush. That is supposed to be good for your hair whereas plastic / nylon is not. I am very happy with the borax water!

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