an evening stroll

started here:   my wonderful hard working husband  halfheartedly working on the new “raised” chicken coop – lucky chicks – suggests a walk through the 7 acre wood to the back 10

first thing that caught my eye were these mushrooms that I call”tremors” you know like the movie tremors?!  They were everywhere

Next sand-hill plum blooms, oh my the sweet smell in the air combined with the cedar trees – heaven – ya I don’t think I have the right setting on the camera, but you get the picture right?

then the red-bud trees and just some shots of the views back there. It will look much different once all the trees fill out

I can’t wait to get fence up, there is much eating to be done back here and I have the cows to get-r-done! They would be such happy little piggies – er uh goats

OH! This is one of my favorite trees out there, a gnarly old hedge tree – way cool huh?

and my other favorite, a HUGE catalpa tree.  This baby is awesome to see.  It truly is ginormous! You could make a bed in the V of it

and then back up to the front of the house to see the crab apple tree in bloom

and the little 2.50 Lilac bush getting ready to bloom that I got on clearance last summer  (who says it’s to hot mid summer to plant?) *smile*

Wow  really need to figure out the settings on that camera … and then last but not least – yup you guessed it, a goat. Ginger to be exact proudly standing on Tundra’s look-out hill


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