Dixie’s kisses

A couple of days ago I had put Dix in the kidding pen .  She’d been loosing her plug and had dropped so I knew kidding was just around the corner, but what is it with Wednesdays?!  I left to get Granny this morning & didn’t want to leave her.  She was talking to me and telling me hey momma stick around.  I had to go though and trust that things would turn out as they were supposed to.  Myotonics are easy kidders, GREAT mammas and seem to just be hardy goats in general plus they have  A+ attitudes & personalities.  She has just the littlest beeping buttons too so I didn’t anticipate any problems,  Dixie always does just fine.   Have I said before?  I LOVE THIS BREED!

Sure enough I got home, did a few chores and musta just missed it.  I am betting she had them as I was driving my last mile to get home! and let me just say they are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!  They remind me of the first kids she had, they have thick velvet angora type hair and if they are indeed like the other two it will get almost wavy and stay very velvety. They are very animated-looking.  Like little bunnies or something.  I can’t really explain it but she has the cutest littlest kids. Oh ya! both bucklings.  Obviously you can tell who is already a ham for the camera ……..

okay okay pictures!!

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They will be for sale and will make some great pets for some lucky little kids!



One thought on “Dixie’s kisses

  1. OMG, Dixie has the cutest little kiddles! I’ve got a Dixie too but no bucks around to breed her. The minute I see a post about Dixie, I drop everything and hop on over to your blog Michelle!

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