little Hershey squirts

it’s been a long wait but they finally arrived this morning! 2 very tiny but healthy kids (unusual for a first freshener to have twins)  male & female, both look like daddy but have mammas white specked ears. baby b has more white than baby g ….  Hershey  has extreme myotonia congenita which has become more prominent as she’s become older (read about it here).  This unfortunately assures her place as lowest in the pecking order so we made a kidding pen to keep her & the babes safe.  We will have to see what level the kids are as they grow but for now they are quite vocal & bouncing around the pen taking in their new world AND their pretty sweet little momma

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5 thoughts on “little Hershey squirts

  1. It’s pretty common in dairy breeds for twins (and sometimes even triplets) for first fresheners. Singles are somewhat more rare. That’s odd how the breeds differ =).

    • yes, our Boers both had twins the first time, but the Myos seem to usually have one first time around, or at least that’s been our experience …then two and we haven’t had three yet 🙂

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